Our purpose is to stimulate cultural renewal by strengthening Michigan families through public advocacy, education and collaboration. We will accomplish our mission by aggresively promoting a positive legislative agenda and providing thoughtful, cutting edge research focused on five key areas: The Family Marriage Fatherhood Children and Elders The limited role of Government

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The Family

Family having fun in countryside

Healthy family formation and preservation provides a social benefit that should be promoted by all sectors of our society. The nuclear and extended family is the foundational institution that supports all societies. Strong families are important to the well being of our children and a healthy view of human sexuality is a key component of …

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Protecting Children


Strong families are important to the well-being of our children and a healthy view of sexuality is a key component of strong families. State and community leaders must work to ensure that the laws and policies of Michigan work to protect and promote the public health by shielding children from the harms of divorce as …

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Honoring Elders


National trends show that the fastest growing segment of our population (85 years or older) will continue to increase as 77 million people enter their “golden years.” Providing for the needs of our rapidly aging society is one of the great challenges of our time. If we hope to meet this challenge without significant tax …

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Strong families are founded on the following ideal: the life-long marriage of one man and one woman. Healthy, life-long marriages enrich the lives of the couple, their children and the community around them. For decades now, the social sciences have provided clear and convincing evidence that not all family structures are equal. A marriage which …

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Father playing with daughter

Fathers play a unique and irreplaceable role in ensuring the economic, emotional, and social health of children. Father absence creates turmoil in the lives of children and our culture. All children deserve a loving father who is actively engaged in their life. Sadly, many children do not have such fathers. Some of these children do …

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