Free, Bulk Quantity Guides

Like it or not, the political campaign season is here. From now until November 4th, political commercials rule the radio and TV. As you know, much of the “information” is little more than noise coming into our homes. Over the years, Michigan Family Forum has endeavored to cut through some of that noise by producing a fair, non-partisan voter guide with a look at important issues which may not otherwise be examined.

You can help your friends, co-workers and family gain valuable information about the candidates running for office this year. You must order a minimum of 25 voter guides. We do not send individual copies. We will have an online version available for individuals by early October.

These voter guides are:


  • Bulk Quantities
  • Non-Partisan
  • Delivered to your home by early October
  • Suitable for distribution in non-profit organizations, such as churches and schools

Again, thank you for helping us get this information to voters. While the guides are free, we would appreciate any financial help you can give. You can do that online by clicking on the “Donate” button.

To order, send an email to with the quantity of guides you want, your name and a mailing address.