We work closely with the legislature to create and find sponsorship for bills that support and promote the family and traditional values. The following are bills we are currently involved with as well as bills we have sponsored in the past. To read the bill, please click on the bill number.

Current Legislation: 2017-18


HB 4522 Rep. Mary Whiteford

Legislation to issue a certificate of stillbirth to parents who have a stillborn child and to permit them to count the child as a dependent on their tax filing for the year of the stillbirth. MFF supports

SB 752 Senator Wayne Schmidt

Legislation to eliminate the marriage penalty to public assistance recipients by allowing individuals to retain their FIP assistance after marriage, for up to 18 months, even if their new spouse is employed as long as the combined household income does not exceed 275% of the federal poverty level. MFF supports

 SB 527 Senator Tom Casperson

Legislation to protect a foster parent’s right to carry arms or to keep them readily accessible if they are legally allowed to do so. MFF supports

HB 4311 Rep. Hank Vaupel

Legislation to provide anonymous information on birth certificates for newborns surrendered under “Safe Delivery” law. MFF Supports

SB 184 Sen. Gregory

Legislation to provide tax credit for modifications of home to make handicap accessible for elderly or disabled. MFF Supports

HB 4331 Rep. Jeff Noble

Legislation to protect clergy from solemnizing marriages against their conscience. MFF Supports with Amendments

SB 350 Sen. Patrick Colbeck

Legislation to require universities to protect free speech rights and impose penalties on violators. MFF Supports

HB 4691 Rep. Jim Runestad

Legislation to require a presumption of joint physical custody in child custody disputes with some exceptions. MFF Supports

HB 4735 Rep. Aaron Miller

Legislation to allow students to dual enroll in post-secondary education programs in other states as long as they are within 20 miles of the state border. MFF Supports

HB 4926 Rep. Brandt Iden

Legislation to permit and regulate online gaming. MFF Opposes

HB 4805 Rep. John Reilly

Legislation to exempt homeschool students who are enrolled part-time in a public school from being required to submit an Educational Development Plan (EDP) to that public school. MFF Supports